About Me…


I’m Charlotte-Louise, a 23 year old Band 5 Therapeutic Radiographer working at St. James’ in Leeds. I qualified in 2016 and graduated from Sheffield Hallam University. I’m an only child, born and raised in Essex, daaan Saaath (trans: down South).


My main passions include an American rock band who hail form the suburbs of Chicago called Fall Out Boy whom I have been an avid (if not slightly obsessive) fans of for about 9 years now!

Fall Out Boy

I’ve recently been to see them on their American Beauty/American Psycho Europe tour and had the absolute privilege to meet the whole band! Previously, I had only met 3 out of the 4 members of Fall Out Boy when they went on a 3 year hiatus and they had side project bands such as Patrick Stump (solo), The Damned Things and The Black Cards. However, it wasn’t the same as meeting them as Fall Out Boy and it was a moment I’ve waited 8 years for.

Me and Patrick Stump
Me and Patrick Stump
Me and Andy Hurley
Me and Andy Hurley
Excuse my
Excuse my “I can’t believe this is actually happening” face.

Following from this, I go to an awful lot of gigs and concerts and have seen bands of all genres keeping a tally of which bands I have seen.

As you may have already guessed, I am a bit of a muso (definition: someone who resigns themselves to sitting a corner with headphones in or uses their free time to play musical instruments). I play multiple instruments such as clarinet, sax, drums, bass guitar, vocals and electric guitar. Whether I’m any good or not is anybody’s guess, but hey, beauty is in the eye (or ear!) of the beholder right?

Many people who know me call me a bit of a foodie! I can never say no to a slice of cake and own a (rather substantial) dessert stomach and sweet tooth! My favourite restaurant is Wagamama but I’m trying to visit as many independently run restaurants as I can during my time in Leeds and Sheffield.

Me and cake

So, as I mentioned before, I’ve recently graduated from Sheffield Hallam University gaining a BSc (Hons) in Radiotherapy and Oncology. During my course I carried out my 3 years of clinical placement in Leeds where they have been silly enough to give me a job! I made some amazing life-long friends, fell in love with 2 new beautiful cities, learned a lot about myself and landed a job!

Shazam, court, Smizz, Me

I’m also the other half to this awesome guy called Josh who’s my boyfriend of around a year and a half now. We met on Tinder (I’ll pause for your judgement here) and are proof that online/dating app relationships can actually work! He hails from Essex (same as me) but currently we’re doing the long distance thaang as he’s studying for his masters in Chemical Engineering at Loughborough.

So that’s a brief summary of me! I hope you enjoy my blog!

– Char

P.s… I’m rarely called Charlotte! So feel free to call me Chunting or Char 🙂


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